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Investing in the Power of Small Business

GZ&P Consulting is a passion project for Melissa Fertitta, an experienced human resources generalist with a strong background in the hospitality industry. Her passion is helping the entrepreneur maintain compliance, develop leadership skills and create engaged cultures that drive the bottom line.

Fertitta was raised in a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners. She watched one uncle grow a real estate brokerage and another build a successful pharmacy and retail store in a small Louisiana town when large chain conveniences were not an option. Throughout his life, her father owned a number of successful restaurant concepts, a legacy begun in his father's neighborhood grocery & delicatessen. Her aunt later assumed that business and developed an in-demand catering service.

 It was in these environments that she grew up, working weekends & summers and learning the value of integrity, team work and relationship hospitality. It was also in these environments where she first observed the entrepreneur's dilemma - balancing the rigors of daily operations with the challenges of people management & effective leadership - a challenge no less common in the larger 

hospitality organizations she joined in her later career. 

 Because we believe in the power of people and the spirit of entrepreneurship, G Z & P Consulting is  dedicated to being a cost-effective resource to small business clients who want to improve communication, leadership, employee engagement and deliver superior customer service that 

translates to increased sales, profits & brand loyalty.